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OMG! I remember those "Right On!" posters. The Jacksons, Todd Bridges (with his lil' bird chest), DeWayne with his dimples, Peabo, and SWITCH!

And now.... I'm reliving it thru my daughter. Chris Brown, Pretty Ricky, Ne-yo, B5 and whatever else. You can't even see what color her room really is.

Gotta throw a couple of jamz up in here too, if ya don't mind..... Xavier "Work that sucka ta death", and don't ask me how I ended up loving me some J.Geils "Flame Thrower". Knee Deep was the JAM! And yes, I still sit IN THE CAR until it's over.

Thanks for the mem'ries ((Wendy))!


Dang Girl! I heard Rapper's Delight in the car last night and my kids were shocked that I knew all the words.

My curfew was 12:30 and my Mama DID come and pick me up from the parties ... it was horrible because she would come out in her robe and curlers and sit outside with the headlights on until I came out! Talk about embarrassing!

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