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If ya can't grow it, SEW it! Hell, I just got some tracks braided in this weekend. No shame here.

I had been wearing braids for months and got my hair to a desired length (on my shoulders). It started to shed ...ALOT. I got scared, so I had tracks sewn in.


Okay Sabastiaaan! LOL . I feel your point too. A woman may however feel better about herself, well most women when there hair is done. Even if it isn't theirs,and some women just feel downright ugly when they have to wear their own. Even though they aren't. To each their own. Now if it's the insecurity you take issue with then that goes beyond hair.Esteem is built over time through praise, conditioning, wisdom,and acceptance of the fact that there is only one on earth like you. They have to realize they ARE fierce and that is not defined by the length of your hair. These women you speak of have not learned to love the skin they are in and that is the "root" of the problem...get me?


Alright. I'll admit it. I have been known to speak as one of the naysayers regarding the issues of fake hair. However, I will concede to seeing the [very articulately written and extremely valid] point made in this entry. But let's not be so hasty as to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Oftentimes, when I feel some type of way about sisters who go the route of fake hair, it's not because I don't support a woman's right to be fierce. It's because the girls I generally see are not strong and secure. Instead of loving themselves and loving the hair that God gave them, they randomly follow trends without thinking for themselves. If they were secure enough in themselves to sport their own locks once in awhile (short, long, nappy, or curly), I would see no problem. It's the females who give weave a bad name because they overdo it or because of their insecurities that I take issue with.


Truth...I wear hair like an accessory.I'm thinking of auburn/ light brown streaks. I'll let you know if I'll NEED to wear a weave...LOL


It's fashion! How come a sista can't be fashionable? When I was wearing a weave no one ever questioned me about it ... except my Mama, but that's a different story.

btw, years ago I accidentally went the platinum blonde look -- it was not cute! I didn't want to leave the house! Nowadays I either go brown or auburn. I got light brown highlights once and they were fierce!

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