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Yup, that huge mirror sitting right outside my bathroom, has me re-evaluating several things.
It's got me thinking, "Self, kiddies need to go to Gramma's and the Hubby needs to go Overseas" so I can just work out when I'm bored and eat salads day in and day out.


*putting down the lettuce*..does that include everyone. Cause I have gained a few bagels and rolls and biscuts. And now I need to lose them. And I agree with you so much about that "miracle cure" that the government has. That or the rich have one. Because there is no way that they can gain 80 pounds for a movie role and then lose it after 3 days.


Star looks like a straw with a light bulb screwed on the top.

I have the new Essence and yes, Mr. Washington is so delicious.

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